1. A kind and generous attorney!

    In truth, this gentleman is a straight shooter. He is brutally honest, and will not take your money if he feels he cannot help you out. He gave me some marginal legal advice for free, even though I was willing to pay. Thanks to him I am able to view my case from a different perspective because he gave me some very good quick pointers. I would recommend Brendan to anyone who has the means to hire a…Read More

  2. He is always articulate, assertive, and kind to his clients

    Brendan Barrett is a very fine criminal defense attorney.  I've seen him in court many times.  He is always articulate, assertive, and kind to his clients.  He is a very savvy lawyer who handles a broad range of criminal defense matters, ranging from very simple misdemeanors to very serious felonies.  It's hard to find a criminal defense attorney when under the stress of being arrested.  Bren…Read More

    Ken M.
  3. He was able to provide more clarity, knowledge and advice

    I couldn't recommend a better lawyer.  I first met Brendan when I was a juror on one of his cases (a trial that he won, I might add!).  He was extremely professional, witty, and smart.  I was highly impressed with how he presented his case.  I thought to myself, if I ever need a lawyer, I am definitely hiring this guy.  I chat with him after the case and he was happy to answer any questions t…Read More

    Jenny T.

    PART 1 If I could describe Brendan Barrett in 3 words they would be: Professional, Confident, and Effective. Brendan is hands down, the text book example of an AMAZING lawyer. Brendan lays everything out on the table for you from the beginning, explains his tactics and executes them flawlessly throughout the case. During a criminal case, this is the kind of lawyer that will help you sleep at night…Read More


    PART 2 In the end, after a whole week, we won the case. The case had a hung jury, 11 believed me innocent 1 believed me guilty. BRENDAN CONQUIRED THE COURT ROOM ON A COMPLICATED CASE!! ALSO THE D.A HE WAS UP AGAINST NEVER LOST A CASE BEFORE MINE!! The reason that this case was complicated was because pharmaceutical medications are not in court rooms as much as drugs and alcohol. Meaning that if yo…Read More

  6. Brendan Barrett is the real deal.

    Brendan Barrett is the real deal. He handled my case in an extremely professional and expeditious manner. He is talented in explaining complex legal jargon in an easy to understand way. Brendan knew what he was talking about and followed through with every commitment he made. The bottom line is this guy gets results. I have recommended him to others and I'll continue to do so. This was an easy 5 s…Read More

    Cameron W.
  7. Leta S.

    Brendan Barrett is an tremendously talented, hardworking lawyer and all around great guy. Not only does he listen, he cares. I appreciated the candidness and focus he applied when I approached him with a SF renters issue. He aided me in establishing a swift, fair resolution all the while keeping me informed and in the loop. I would highly recommend the Law Office of Brendan Barrett to anyone inter…Read More

    Leta S.
  8. Reliable, trust worthy, represents you to resolution

    Brendan picked up my call when I needed legal help. That alone was a lot of assurance and kept me going forward. Throughout the 3 to 4 months process, Brendan kept assuring me that my case will be resolved positively and it was. I highly recommend Brendan to represent you. You will definitely want him on your side!…Read More

    Criminal Defense client
  9. Great guy, and an excellent lawyer

    I had a seemingly impossible case, and I was quite confused by the whole process. Mr. Barrett was able to win the case and keep me positive and focused along the way. I highly recommend Mr. Barrett.…Read More

  10. The BEST!

    Brendan Barrett was the best lawyer I could have ever gotten! He knows the law and really takes it to heart and takes his cases personaly. He is not affraid to take on the police who wrongefully arrest you, like they did in my case. I was found not guilty on all charges they tried to say I did. Brendan does his homework and I would highly recommend him. THANKS BRENDAN!…Read More