"If You Need Some Help , For What Ever Reason , Call Brendan Barrett"


I was represented in court by Mr Brendan Barret as a hired attorney of my choice . He helped me get a lesser jail sentence as I needed to get out of jail as soon as possible , to be with my family and kids . He showed up at Elmwood Womens Jail in Milpitas California to discuss matters and then again when I requested he come to see me because we needed to talk . He did his job in the court , very nice man , always on time and most of all affordable .

Please give him a call if in need of some help . And see what he can do for you .

Best Lawyer Ever .

- Juilie H

"Brendan Helped Me Out When No One Else Seemed To!"

Honestly, Brendan helped me out when no one else seemed to! He was very helpful and had everything together! I didn’t honestly worry about a thing. He handled everything so professionally. I didn’t think I could get my record expunged bc there was so much on there and being on probation at the same time. But he made it happen!!!!!!!!!! I am so forever great ful. If you need a lawyer, he’s you man!! He will handle and look into every option you have. And he tells you how it is. 🙂 highly recommend him.

- K. G.

"Brendan Barrett Is An Amazing Attorney"

Brendan Barrett is an amazing attorney. After speaking with a few lawyers I decided I wanted Brendan to help me with my case and I am so glad I chose him. I was always able to reach him one way or another, he’s incredibly professional, he was always honest and extremely helpful. I highly recommend him! I’ve had other legal issues before (DUI) and I wish I had found him sooner. I’m beyond grateful!!!!!!!

- Cecilia G.

"Very Helpful And Had Everything Together!"

Honestly, Brendan helped me out when no one else seemed to! He was very helpful and had everything together! I didn’t honestly worry about a thing. He handled everything so professionally. I didn’t think I could get my record expunged bc there was so much on there and being on probation at the same time. But he made it happen!!!!!!!!!! I am so forever great ful. If you need a lawyer, he’s you man!! He will handle and look into every option you have. And he tells you how it is. 🙂 highly recommend him.

- K G.

"*****TOP NOTCH*****"

Brendan Barrett is a *****TOP NOTCH***** Attorney. He’s professional, fair, responsive, trustworthy and genuinely caring. Most importantly, he’s passionate about his job. He handled my case with confidence and delivered a successful outcome. Thank you Brendan!

I most highly recommend Mr. Barrett for solid legal representation.

- Jana A.

"His Response Time Is Always On Time."

Mr. Barrett is an excellent attorney. He is fair and honest. He let’s you know up front what you are in for and that it might be a good fight but is definitely fair and quick. His response time is always on time.

Like they say, no one wants to deal with any type of legal issues, but if you have to, don’t hesitate to call Mr. Barrett and he will do the job for you!!

- Sharon W.

"Professional & Very Responsive"

I consulted Mr. Barrett regarding a legal issue last week. I emailed and left him a message, and within the hour, he called me. He was very amiable, competent, professional, and to the point. In talking to him, I felt that he was someone I could trust — he knows the law, he understands his client, and will be his best advocate. I highly recommend him.

- Nina

"No One Wants To Deal With Legal Issues But When They Do Come Up, You Want Brendan In Your Corner."

I highly recommend the services of Mr. Barrett. His responsiveness is second to none. I recently spoke to him about a dispute I was involved in and within an hour he had called the company and got the issue resolved. I’ve been privileged to hear him speak publicly and in court and this guy has swag. Its like watching an episode of law and order or a snip from a few good men. You can’t handle the truth!

No one wants to deal with legal issues but when they do come up, you want Brendan in your corner.

- Freddy G.

"He Deserves Every Bit Of 5 Stars."

Brendan is the absolute best. I am so thankful for the work he did on my cases for me. He made the process seem so simple. If your ever in need of a lawyer I deffinetly recommend Brendan for the job. He deserves every bit of 5 stars.

- Daniel C.

"Mr. Barrett Will Represent You Well."

Mr. Barrett is a wonderful person. I found him on yelp while looking for a personal injury lawyer while I was injured at work. Upon emailing him, he got back to me very quickly with a very detailed and well written email. He responded to all my follow up emails very quickly. His consultation and guidance through my case was the reason I was able to win a great deal more money than I originally believed I could win. The other lawyers were very quick to settle after I followed the advice or Mr. Barrett. I give him my highest recommendation and will refer all my friends to him in the future. The last thing I would like to say is that Mr. Barrett is just a kind person. He is the sort of person who is helpful for the purpose of being helpful. He is not rude or trying to nickel and dime anyone. I hope no one ever gets injured, but rest assured that if you do, Mr. Barrett will represent you well. Thank you kindly

- Yaquob T.

"A Kind And Generous Attorney!"

In truth, this gentleman is a straight shooter. He is brutally honest, and will not take your money if he feels he cannot help you out. He gave me some marginal legal advice for free, even though I was willing to pay. Thanks to him I am able to view my case from a different perspective because he gave me some very good quick pointers. I would recommend Brendan to anyone who has the means to hire a quality private attorney. Thank you Brendan!

- Mauricio

"He Is Always Articulate, Assertive, And Kind To His Clients"

Brendan Barrett is a very fine criminal defense attorney. I’ve seen him in court many times. He is always articulate, assertive, and kind to his clients. He is a very savvy lawyer who handles a broad range of criminal defense matters, ranging from very simple misdemeanors to very serious felonies. It’s hard to find a criminal defense attorney when under the stress of being arrested. Brendan Barrett would be a great choice.

- Ken M.

"He Was Able To Provide More Clarity, Knowledge And Advice"

I couldn’t recommend a better lawyer. I first met Brendan when I was a juror on one of his cases (a trial that he won, I might add!). He was extremely professional, witty, and smart. I was highly impressed with how he presented his case. I thought to myself, if I ever need a lawyer, I am definitely hiring this guy. I chat with him after the case and he was happy to answer any questions that we jurors had. I even mentioned that I was interested in law school and he gave me some pointers.

Flash forward a few months. I found myself needing a lawyer. My first instinct was to hire Brendan. Unfortunately I became obligated to a personal friend’s referral that had already been helping me. I still reached out to Brendan to meet with him, and he was happy to help me. He was able to provide more clarity, knowledge and advice to me during our chat, than I had received over the past month from my attorney.

Legal matters can be scary and confusing. Brendan makes things clear and easy to understand. His talent and professionalism made me feel so much more at ease.

If you’re looking for a genuine guy that really knows his stuff, you’ve found him in the Law Office of Brendan Barrett. I highly recommend hiring him! Great guy, excellent lawyer. Thank you Brendan!

- Jenny T.



If I could describe Brendan Barrett in 3 words they would be: Professional, Confident, and Effective.

Brendan is hands down, the text book example of an AMAZING lawyer. Brendan lays everything out on the table for you from the beginning, explains his tactics and executes them flawlessly throughout the case. During a criminal case, this is the kind of lawyer that will help you sleep at night and help you know you are in the best hands for criminal defense.

But please don’t take my word for it, let me tell you about my 2 cases I hired Brendan for and you make your decision.


I was 20 years old fresh out of college. I just graduated for hospitality management and was taking my first dip in the wonderful world of restaurant management. Growing up I had major depression and anxiety issues and was prescribed a number of drugs throughout the years. But one that really stuck with me was Ativan which is a benzodiazepine just like Xanax. I had been taking a dose of 2 mg 3 times a day for 6 years. I was totally functional on it, without question. On my way up to San Mateo one evening on my second week to work, I wasn’t paying attention and I missed the exit I was supposed to take.

At the time I had pretty basic blackberry and no knowledge of how to get around San Mateo. I was driving trying to figure out where I was going while looking at my phone and I end up side swiping 3 cars parked in a small neighborhood on the side of the street. A couple people saw me and I did the responsible thing and called the police to have them take my insurance down. At this point I was on the edge of a panic attack by time the cops showed up. When they finally showed up I was in panic, apologizing, and asking for help. They began to ask me the typical cop questions, have you been drinking? Doing drugs? Ect. I hadn’t so I said “no”. They breathalized me 3 times, blew 0.00 each time, made me do sobriety tests, which they said I failed. They went through my car and found my medication. They asked how many I took, I told them I took my daily dosage. They quickly handcuffed me and gave me a DUI under the influence of my prescribed medication I had been taking for 6 years.

After a night in jail and a $300 impound ticket I immediately began looking around for lawyers, I was so scared and stressed to the point I just wanted to sleep all day and try to forget about reality. I lost my job and feared of what else I was going to loose from the DUI. I got in touch with a call center who assigns a lawyers to clients, and Brendan was my man.

Brendan laid everything out on the table. What the case looked like, what his tactics were going to be, what chances I had, and what the consequences could be in the end. I felt extremely better after hiring Brendan, like the weight just came off my shoulders.

Almost a year later we finally went to trial. During that year Brendan had my DUI case dismissed which was a huge deal to me, because my license was at stake.

When we finally showed up the criminal trial, the D.A wanted to meet us with a plea of wet and wreck less, which was a lot better than a D.U.I but in California they will take away you license for a being under 21 with a wet and wreck less. Brendan gave me my options and we decided to go to trial. The trial lasted a whole week, and had a full jury, witnesses, toxicologist, the works.

Brendan, picked out a good jury, hired a AMAZING toxicologist who basically wrote the book on Alcohol and Drug Detection in California, called great witnesses, poked amazing holes in the D.A and the Cops who arrested me. And even had me go on the stand and testify myself, which was a bold move on both our parts, but Brendan gave me the confidence to battle the D.A and protected me while I was on the stand.


- Jeff



In the end, after a whole week, we won the case. The case had a hung jury, 11 believed me innocent 1 believed me guilty. BRENDAN CONQUIRED THE COURT ROOM ON A COMPLICATED CASE!! ALSO THE D.A HE WAS UP AGAINST NEVER LOST A CASE BEFORE MINE!!

The reason that this case was complicated was because pharmaceutical medications are not in court rooms as much as drugs and alcohol. Meaning that if your going to win a case like mine, it means alot of reading up and studying to find an angle to win the case. While giving a jury a crash course on the substance so they understand the lawyers and what the toxicologist is talking about. JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT BRENDAN IS EXTREMLY ITELLIGENT AS WELL.

In the end, I kept my license, no crime on my record, and owed no money to the court. Just to Brendan who deserved every penny.


Earlier this January, I was driving back home in San Jose, CA on 680 around 10:00 PM. I was speeding and had a few drinks before I left. I was pulled over by CHP, did a sobriety test and breathalyzer and blew a 0.09, but when I went down to the police station, I blew a 0.07 and a 0.06 in the calibrated machine. But I still was giving a DUI just for alcohol this time. Same ordeal, night in jail, $300 impound fee. Guess who I called?

Brendan was happy to hear from me, not happy about what happened, but like always was willing to help. I went to his office in downtown SJ. Same thing, he laid out the case on the table, told me his tactics, told me my chances, and told me my consequences. I walked out of his office, and felt like I had nothing to fear.

A month later, Brendan gets the DUI case thrown out, saves my license. A month after, Brendan tells me that D.A was accepting his plea of wet and wreckless, which is way better than a DUI. It is a lower fine and hardly any classes or community service.


The best part was, I didn’t even take one step in a court room. I just lived my life and put it in Brendan hands and got the next best thing to having the whole thing dismissed.

In the end, in my opinion, Brendan is the best choice for criminal defense. He is intelligent, professional, effective, and most of all re-assuring and friendly which is what you really need in a time of need.

I don’t condone any of the things I did, but everyone makes mistakes and sometimes we need help dealing with those mistakes. FOR THOSE MISTAKES, BRENDAN BARRET IS YOU BEST CHOICE!!!!

Thanks for everything Brendan.

Keep up the good work.

Your Friend and Client.

- Jeff

"Brendan Barrett Is The Real Deal."

Brendan Barrett is the real deal. He handled my case in an extremely professional and expeditious manner. He is talented in explaining complex legal jargon in an easy to understand way. Brendan knew what he was talking about and followed through with every commitment he made.

The bottom line is this guy gets results. I have recommended him to others and I’ll continue to do so. This was an easy 5 stars to give.

- Cameron W.

"Leta S."

Brendan Barrett is an tremendously talented, hardworking lawyer and all around great guy. Not only does he listen, he cares. I appreciated the candidness and focus he applied when I approached him with a SF renters issue. He aided me in establishing a swift, fair resolution all the while keeping me informed and in the loop. I would highly recommend the Law Office of Brendan Barrett to anyone interested in intelligent, capable and pragmatic law services.

- Leta S.

"Reliable, Trust Worthy, Represents You To Resolution"

Brendan picked up my call when I needed legal help. That alone was a lot of assurance and kept me going forward. Throughout the 3 to 4 months process, Brendan kept assuring me that my case will be resolved positively and it was. I highly recommend Brendan to represent you. You will definitely want him on your side!

- Criminal Defense Client

"Great Guy, And An Excellent Lawyer"

I had a seemingly impossible case, and I was quite confused by the whole process. Mr. Barrett was able to win the case and keep me positive and focused along the way. I highly recommend Mr. Barrett.

- Brad

"The BEST!"

Brendan Barrett was the best lawyer I could have ever gotten! He knows the law and really takes it to heart and takes his cases personaly. He is not affraid to take on the police who wrongefully arrest you, like they did in my case. I was found not guilty on all charges they tried to say I did. Brendan does his homework and I would highly recommend him. THANKS BRENDAN!

- Lloyd