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A property damage claim is a legal claim involving damage to one’s property instead of one’s person. Typically, property damage claims don’t include physical injuries. However, depending on the nature of the case, the claim may involve damage to both a property and a person. For example, an auto negligence lawsuit may involve a totaled car and an individual with a broken arm.

Property damage claims almost always involve at least one insurance company, which is either the company of the person who caused the damage or the company of the person who was victim to the damage. A property damage case involves extensive dealing and negotiation with said insurance companies as well as adjusters and claim attorneys. Partnering with an experienced property accident attorney in San Jose, San Francisco, or San Mateo is critical for getting the specialized legal assistance that you need to secure a good outcome.

Were you involved in a vehicle crash? Was your home destroyed as a result of a large tree falling on it during a thunderstorm? Even when you have automobile or homeowners’ insurance, getting the proper compensation for your injuries or damages doesn’t always happen quickly or easily. The longer you wait to seek legal representation, the harder it will be to receive compensation. Hire a property accident attorney in San Jose as soon as possible.

Brendan Barrett will conduct a thorough review of your claim, the relevant insurance entities, and the likely financial recovery that you are entitled to. If needed, our firm will file a lawsuit on your behalf to guarantee that you get your full compensation. To learn more, contact our firm today!

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