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After you’ve been in a car accident, you will have a lot on your mind. In addition to the emotional turmoil and stress, you may be facing serious bodily injuries and major damage to your vehicle, all while handling the insurance claim. Partnering with an effective attorney in San Jose, San Francisco, San Mateo will minimize your stress while providing the assistance that you need handle your case right.

When approaching these cases, Brendan Barrett has two specific goals. (1) Ensure that you get the medical treatment necessary to make a full recovery, and (2) once all medical issues are resolved, maximizing your financial compensation for the injury.

Were you injured as a result of your car crash?

Make sure that you get medical care immediately. The longer that you put off going to a doctor, the tougher it will be to justify that the injuries resulted from the crash. You’ll also need to contact your car insurance company right away so that they can determine whether your car is fit for repairs or must be totaled. If you were at fault in the accident, you’ll seek reimbursement through your insurance company. If you weren’t at fault, typically you’ll have to seek payment from the other party’s insurer.

Insurance filing for a car accident may seem like a straightforward process, but it can quickly become very complicated. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to try to get out of paying claims, which can make it tough for you to secure what you need.

Have you run into other issues following a car crash that you aren’t prepared to handle on your own? Hire a reputable car accident attorney who knows how to make your case count. Brendan Barrett works with all of the insurance providers in the greater San Jose area and will fight get you taken care of. To learn more contact us.

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