Assault Battery Attorney San Jose, San Francisco, San Mateo, CA

An assault or battery occurs when one person attempts to or physically strikes another person or acts in a manner that makes a person believe that he is in immediate harm. The assault or battery becomes more serious or “aggravated” when the person attempts to or causes significant injury or uses a deadly weapon to inflict injury. A crime is deemed assault when it involves an attempt or threat of injury while battery involves physical contact in some sort of offensive or harmful manner.

A simple assault or battery often involves a minimal threat of violence or a minor injury and is considered a misdemeanor.

Felony or aggravated assault or battery involves more serious circumstances, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Striking or threatening to strike a person with a weapon or other dangerous object
  • Threatening to kill someone with a gun or shooting a person with a gun
  • Assault while concealing one’s identity
  • Assault or battery with the intention of committing another felony (i.e., rape, robbery)
  • Assault or battery that brings about severe physical injuries

Assault and battery charges are considered acts of violence, and will often result in jail sentences.  Defending yourself against charges such as assault, battery, or  criminal threats requires thorough examination of the evidence, investigation into the parties involved, and aggressive representation of your due process rights. More than any other area of crime, these types of charges are usually difficult to assess for everyone involved. Since these charges usually arise from situations involving anger, alcohol, disagreements, or other forces that make the truth hard to determine, a vigorous attorney is especially valuable.

A reputable assault battery attorney in San Jose will help you fight your charge, protecting your rights so that you get the best outcome possible. Brendan Barrett investigates each case thoroughly and assists all clients with the entire criminal court process. Set up your free consultation today.